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Melissa's Food Service is a division of Melissa's/WorldVariety Produce. Click here for our corporate website.

Did You Know?
How do I set up an account with Melissa's?
To order from Melissa's, simply contact a Melissa's representative by email or phone.

Melissa's Food Services
Tel: 1 888 588-0151 ext. 3
Fax: 1 323 588-0685
Email: Email Us
Please email any questions as well.  We would love to help you with any culinary questions you may have!
What items does Melissa's supply/distribute?
As the largest distributor of specialty produce in the United States, Melissa's offers over 1300 items of fresh and dried produce.  Melissa's offers the most common fruits and vegetables as well as the most hard-to-find items like fresh wasabi and Tropical Dragon Fruit.  We supply produce grown all over the world to provide chefs with continuous seasons of fresh produce.

Visit our Product Catalog section to see our products and what's in season.   You will also notice on the home page daily features of special items at their seasonal peak.
How can I best use this site as a resource?
In addition to using the HOME PAGE and PRODUCTS CATALOG section to help keep you informed of products as they arrive, check out FRESH SCOOP for daily updates on current crop availability and explanations of shortages for Asian, Latin, Vegetables and Fruits.  As a chef or other food service professional, we understand that you are very busy and might need help searching for specific information or items.   To help you do this we offer our customers additional research information and support.  For any questions regarding culinary matters, nutrition, product origin, seasonality, food safety or produce taste and texture, feel free to email us.  The Melissa's Food Service Team will read and answer your emails in a timely manner.  Just ask!

Email: Email Us
Where are you located?
Our Mailing Address is:
Melissa's/World Variety Produce, Inc.
P.O. Box 514559
Los Angeles, CA 90051
Can orders be placed online?
While personal contact will never be replaced by ordering screens on a computer, or web sties for that matter, technology can help you speed through the tedium of ordering the recurring basic items for your business. In fact we can tool an exclusive order form that reflects your own business's specific requirements. Just give us a call and we'll get you set up throughout our customer LOG ON system that will take you right to your own specially targeted product list!

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