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Food Safety

Melissa’s has always been a leader in food safety, pursuing certified third-party safety audits and verification programs to ensure the physical and biological safety of our products. Since our inception (1984), Melissa’s has met or exceeded all local, state and federal food safety standards, and we ensure that our growers and supply network do the same. We have a dedicated food safety team and a procurement staff that visits growers all over the world. Together, they source the world’s finest, tastiest produce, and make sure it’s healthy and safe to eat.

Melissa’s received the prestigious GFSI-accredited SQF Level 2 certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute. This certification involves extensive monitoring, including both scheduled and unannounced facility audits, and is recognized by retailers and food service providers worldwide. Throughout every step of our supply and distribution chain, we assess all products and associated processes to identify potential hazards and take any necessary action to eliminate, prevent and reduce risk.

this image displays a citrus fruit tree

3) Melissa’s garners relationships with an exclusive community of dynamic chefs, and supports their industry by being a full service food service company. In addition to providing access to fresh produce globally, we also offer a full range of dairy, eggs, honey, herbs, fresh cuts, fresh juices, spices, perfect purees, canned items, condiments, IQF and more!


4) Put produce on your radar before it goes to market by seeing what’s on deck. Commit to menu-plan in a way that gives your guests access to exclusivity through innovative dishes with fresh ideas.

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