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Edible Flowers (FireStix™)

Edible Flowers are ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of an entrée or dessert without compromising the integrity of the flavor. They are not only beautiful to look at but they can add an interesting range of tastes as well!

Edible Flowers (FireStix™)


    FireStix are one of the most popular varieties of edible flowers, thanks to its tall, flame-like blossoms.  FireStix are harvested from the amaranth plant, of which there are over 60 different varieties. Every part of the amaranth flower is edible, but FireStix are gleaned from the most vibrant portion of the plant. The beauty of FireStix from Fresh Origins is that they can literally be added to nearly any dish, appetizer or dessert.  FireStix flowers enhance the visual appeal of the plate, they are very durable and have a mild, bland flavor that can be described as a hint of fresh corn.






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