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Organic Melons (Crenshaw)

Organic produce is grown with no chemical pesticides or fungicides and they are third party certified as being organically grown in accordance with the guidelines mandated by the USDA's Organic Foods Production Act of 2002.

Organic Melons (Crenshaw)


    The Organic Crenshaw Melon has tender, orange flesh and a unique flavor that is very sweet. It is a delicious hybrid cross between the casaba and persian melons. They are  oblong with a greenish-yellow, wrinkled exterior. It is refreshing added to fruit salads, in cold fruit soups or as an edible garnish.  They can be used in salsas, smoothies and sorbets. Try it with a sprinkle of ginger, salt or squeeze of lemon or lime juice.


    Mar-Apr, May-Sep


    USA, Baja, Chile


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