​Food Service Update






Green: Good supply, CA

Baby Vegetables

Beets (Gold/Red): Good supplies

Broccoli (Broccolini): Moderate supplies, CA
Brussels Sprouts (Green/Purple): Good supplies, CA

Carrots (Assorted): Good supplies, CA

Carrots (Thumbelina): Good availability, CA

Cauliflower (Caulilini): Good supply, USA

Leeks: Good availability, CA

Squash: Good availability, MX


Fava: Good availability, MX
French: Available, MX

Green: Good supplies!

Purple Wax: Available, USA

Yellow Wax: Gapping


Red: Good supplies

Striped: Good availability


Cardoni: Good supplies, USA

Cauliflower (Colored):  Good supplies, CA

Celery Root: Good availability, Holland/MX

Chard: Good availability

Baby/Mini: Good availability, MX

Hot House: Good supplies, USA

Pickling: Good availability, MX


Endive (Belgian)

Red: Good year-round availability, Netherlands

Garlic:  Available, CA

Black: Available, CA

Peeled:  Good supplies!

Scapes: New crop, MX.  Only available for 3 weeks


Collard: Good supplies, CA

Dandelion: Available now, CA

Mustard: Good supplies, CA

Scapes: Good supply, only available for 3 weeks

Hearts of Palm: Good availability (jarred & fresh), Costa Rica


Horseradish Root: Good supplies, USA

Kale Sprouts: Good supplies, USA


Kohlrabi: Good availability, MX

Topless: Good supply, MX

Leeks (Belgian Style): Good supplies, USA


Chef's Mix: Good availability, USA

Hon Shimeji (Brown/White): Available now, USA

King Oyster: Available, USA

Maitake: Available, USA

Morel: Available, USA

Shiitake: Available, USA
Wild Chef's Mix: Available now, USA

Wood Ear: Good availability, USA

Okra: Limited supplies, Honduras/Nicaragua through May


Olives (Green):  Available


Chipolline: Good availability, USA

Mexican Green: Good supplies, MX


English: Available now, MX

Sno (Green): Available, MX

Sugar Snaps: Available, MX


Bell (Enjoya aka Aloha): Available now, MX

Banana Wax: Available, CA

Hungarian Wax: Moderate supplies, CA

Long Hot (Red): Available, Holland

Shishito (Green): Moderate supplies, MX

Veggie Sweets: Good supply, MX

Dutch Yellow® (Pee Wee): Available supplies, ID

Dutch Red® (Baby): Good supplies, ID

Gemstone®: Good supply year-round, ID
Medley (Pee Wee): Good supplies, ID

Purple (Creamers): Available

Yukon: Good supplies, WA


di Verona: Moderate supplies, CA

Treviso: Moderate availability, CA


Black: Good supplies, CA

Easter Egg: Good availability, CA

Daikon: Available, MX

French Breakfast: Good supplies, CA

Icicle: Good availability, CA

Purple Ninja: Good availability, CA
Watermelon Radish: Good availability, MX

Ramps: Available, USA

Rapini: Good year-round supplies, USA


Field: Available now, WA

Romanesco: Good supplies, USA


French Echalion/Banana: Moderate availability, France

Shallots: New crop


Acorn: Currently in transition from Mexico to California.

Butternut: Currently in transition from Mexico to California.

Eight Ball: Available, MX

Kabocha: Available, MX

Spaghetti: Good supplies, MX

Zucchini: Good availability, CA

Squash Blossoms: Available now, CA



Baby Heirloom: Good availability, MX

Chef Mix: Good availability Canada

Campari TOV: Moderate availability, TX

Green: Good supplies, CA

Heirloom: Good supplies, MX

Kumato: Available, CA

Marzano: Good availability, TX/MX

Red (On the vine): Good availability!


Black Summer: Available, Italy

Turmeric: Available year-round

Water Chestnuts (Fresh): Available, China

Watercress: Good availability, USA


Garnet: Available, CA

Jersey: Good availability, CA

Murasaki: Available, CA

Purple Sweet: Available, CA


Apple Pears (Asian): Good availability, Chile



Ambrosia: Available, Canada

*Envy™: Available, NZ

Fuji: Good availability, CA

Gala: Available, CA/WA

Granny Smith: Good availability, WA/CA

Honeycrisp: Available, WA



Blueberries: Good supplies, CA

Raspberries: Good supplies, CA

Strawberries (Harry's Berries): Good supply, CA

through June

Cherimoya: We are now past peak production out of California.  Volume will really start to drop off.  Fruit out of Chile is due to start around June 15th or earlier.


EZ Open: Available supplies, Thailand

Young: Limited availability, Thailand

Year-round supplies, several varieties - ask sales rep for details

Dragon Fruit

Red: Good availability, Vietnam

White: Good supply, Ecuador

Yellow: Cloudy weather has not let the fruit color up.  The fruit is still very green, Ecuador

Feijoas: Good supplies, NZ  thru June



Black Mission: Good availability, Chile through May

Brown Turkey: New crop, MX

Goldenberries (Cape Gooseberries): Good year-round supplies, Colombia

Guavas: Supplies will be limited for the next 2 - 3 weeks out of Mexico.  Currently in transition

Jackfruit: Good supplies, MX

Kiwi: Available now, NZ

Kumquats: Good availability, CA through May


Pink: Good availability, CA

Seedless: Good supplies, CA



Key: Moderate availability, MX

Sweet: Good availability, CA


Tree-Ripened (Haden): Available, MX

Mangosteen: Good supply, MX


Asaki: New crop, MX

Canary: New crop, CA

Charentais: Good availability, Dominican Republic

Crenshaw: New crop, CA

Galia: New crop, CA

Gaya: Available, MX

Hami: New crop, CA

Kiwano: Good supplies, NZ

Pepino: Good supplies, Ecuador


Almonds (Fresh Green): Available, CA

Walnuts (Red): Good year-round supply, CA


Blood: Good supplies, CA

Cara Cara: Available, CA

Navel (Heirloom): Good supply, CA


Caribbean (Red): Available now
Strawberry: Good supplies, Brazil
Tai Nung: Good supplies, MX

Passion Fruit: Limited out of New Zealand.  Florida has started in very small quantities but is expected to get better in June.  California due to start in August.


White: New crop, CA

Yellow: New crop, CA


Bartlett: Good availability, USA
Bosc: Good supplies, CA

D'Anjou: Good availability, USA

D'Anjou (Red): Available, USA

Persimmons (Fuyu): New crop, Chile


Baby: Fair availability, South Africa

*Pinkglow®: Good availability, Costa Rico

Arils: Good supplies, Peru

Red: Available, Chile

Quince: Good availability, Chile

Rambutan: Guatemala is starting this week with moderate supplies.  Volume will improve as season progresses.


Clementine: Available, CA

Gold Nugget: Available, CA

Pixie: Season winding down, Ojai, CA


Midnight: New crop, CA

Red (Seedless): Available, MX

Red (Mini): Good availability, MX

Sunshine: New crop, CA

*Used with permission



Banana Leaves: Good supplies, MX



Fava: Moderate supply, MX

Green: Fair availability, MX

Bitter Melon
Chinese: Moderate supply, MX
Indian: Very limited availability, MX

Bok Choy : Limited availability, MX
Baby: Moderate supplies, CA
Petite: Limited availability, CA

Shanghai: Limited availability, CA

Shanghai Leaves: Moderate supply, MX

Shanghai (Petite): Limited supplies, CA



Baby (Broccolini): Availability fair to good

Napa (Green): Limited availability, MX


Celery Cabbage: Moderate supplies

Cherimoya: Getting limited out of California.  Chile due to start mid-June. 

Chinese Celery (Khan Choy): Moderate availability

Chinese Okra (Sing Qua): Moderate availability

Choy Sum: Very limited, CA
Petite: Limited


EZ Open: Available supplies, Thailand

Young: Good availability, Thailand

Year-round supplies, several varieties - ask sales rep for details


Japanese: Limited supplies, CA

Persian (Baby): Good supplies, MX

Dragon Fruit

Red: Good availability, Vietnam

White: Good supply, Ecuador

Yellow: Cloudy weather has not let the fruit color up.  The fruit is still very green, Ecuador

Chinese: Moderate availability, MX

Graffiti: Available, Netherlands

Graffiti (Mini): Available, Netherlands
Indian: Moderate availability, MX
Italian: Moderate availability, MX
Japanese: Sporadic availability, MX
Thai: Moderate availability, MX

Gai Choy (Chinese Mustard): Moderate supplies, CA

Gai Lan: Moderate availability, MX

Galanga: Moderate availability, HI

Ginger Root

Year-round supplies, sourced globally - ask sales rep for details
Young: Good supplies, CA

Gobo Root (Burdock):  Moderate availability. Shipments that have arrived are stuck at port

Jackfruit: Good supply, MX

Kohlrabi (Green):  Moderate availability, CA

Komatsuna (Japanese Spinach): Limited, CA with mostly year-round availability. Very perishable.

Lemon Grass: Moderate availability, CA

Lo Bok: Moderate availability, CA/MX

Long Beans (Chinese): Limited

Lotus Root (aka Lilly Root): Fresh and Packaged is available, China

Green: Limited


Kiwano: New crop, NZ

Korean: Good supply , MX

Winter: Good availability, MX

Nira Grass

Green: Very limited supplies, CA

Yellow: Available through new vendor

Green: Moderate availability, MX
Tai Nung: Available supplies, MX

Pea Shoot Tendrils: Good supplies, MX


English: Available, MX
Sno (Green): Available, MX
Sugar Snaps: Available, MX


Long Hots: Limited availability, Holland

Shishito (Green): Moderate supplies
Thai (Green/Red): Limited availability, MX

Japanese Sweets: Available, USA
Okinawa Sweets: Moderate supplies, HI

Daikon: Moderate availability, CA

*Sea Beans™

Salcornia: Available supplies, MX

Shiso Leaves (Ooba): Available supplies


Acorn (Green): Available, MX

Butternut: Available, MX

Kabocha: Available, MX
Moqua (Fuzzy Squash):  Moderate supplies, MX

Opo: Moderate availability, MX

Turmeric Root: Moderate supplies, Fiji

Water Chestnuts: Sporadic availability, China

Yamo Imo: Very expensive, Japan

Yu Choy: Moderate availability, CA

Yu Choy Sum: Limited supplies, CA

*Used with permission


Banana Leaves: Good supplies, MX

Burro: Available year-round
Manzano: Available year-round

Cactus Leaves (Cleaned): Good supplies, MX


Canela: Good supplies, Sri Lanka

Cilantro: Moderate supplies, CA


EZ Open: Available supplies, Thailand

Young: Limited availability, Thailand

Year-round supplies, several varieties - ask sales rep for details

Corn Husks: Not the same ol', same ol'.  These are the perfect

size and extremely clean

Dragon Fruit

Red: Good availability, Vietnam

White: Good supply, Ecuador

Yellow: Cloudy weather has not let the fruit color up.  The fruit is still very green, Ecuador

Feijoas: Good supplies, NZ thru June


Guavas: Supplies will be limited for the next 2-3 weeks out of Mexico.  Currently in transition

Hoja Santa Leaves: Available


Jackfruit: Good supply, MX

Jicama: Good supplies, MX

Key:  Good supplies

Sweet: Good availability


Tree-Ripened (Haden): Good availability, MX

Mangosteen: Available, MX

Pepino: Good year-round supply, Ecuador


Name Root: Limited


Onions (Mexican Green): Good availability, MX

Caribbean Red: Good supplies!

Hawaiian: Good availability, HI
Maradol: Limited supplies, MX

Strawberry: Good availability, Brazil
Tai Nung: Good supplies, MX

Passion Fruit: Florida just getting started with limited quantities.  New Zealand is limited. 


Anaheim: Good supplies, MX

Banana Wax: Moderate supplies, MX

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost): Limited

Habanero: Good supplies, MX

Hungarian Wax: Moderate supplies, MX

Jalapenos: Moderate availability, MX

Manzano: Moderate supplies, MX

Pasilla/Poblano: Good supplies, MX

Red Fresno: Moderate availability, MX

Serrano: Good supplies, MX

Yellow: Good supplies, MX


Baby: Available, South Africa

Pinkglow®: Available now, Costa Rica

Plantains: Good availability, Ecuador

Chayote: New crop, MX
Tatuma: Good supplies, MX

Sugar Cane: Available year-round from MX


Swizzle Stix: Available now for fruit kabobs or drinks!

Tamarindo: Available year-round from Thailand

Tomatillos: Moderate supplies, MX

Milpero: Good supplies, MX





Artichokes: Moderate supplies, CA


Haas: Available, CA/MX


Green: Limited supplies, MX

Gold: Moderate supplies, CA
Red: Good supplies, CA

Bok Choy: New crop, CA
Baby: New crop, CA

Broccoli: Good supplies, CA


Brussels Sprouts

Green: Good supplies, MX

Purple: New crop, CA

Green: Good supplies, CA
Napa: Fair availability, CA
Red: Limited supplies, CA

Baby Peeled: moderate supplies, CA
Bunch: Moderate supplies, CA
Cello: Moderate supplies, CA
Table: Moderate supplies, CA

Cauliflower: Moderate supplies, CA


Hearts: Fair availability, USA

Stalks: Fair availability, USA

Green: Good supplies, CA
Rainbow: Good supplies, CA
Red: Good supplies, CA

Cilantro: Moderate supplies, CA

Cucumbers: Moderate supply, MX

Baby Persian: Good supplies, MX

Garlic: Moderate availability, Argentina

Ginger Root: Fair supplies, Peru

Collard: Moderate supplies, USA
Mustard: Moderate supplies, CA


Green:  Good supplies, CA
Lacinato: Good supplies, USA
Red: Good supplies, USA

Leeks: Moderate supplies, CA

Butter (Green/Red): Moderate supplies, USA
Green Leaf: Moderate supplies, USA
Iceberg: Excellent supplies, USA
Red Leaf: Very limited supplies, USA
Romaine: Limited supplies, USA
Romaine Hearts: New crop, CA


Pearl (Assorted): Good supply, USA
Red: Available, CA/MX

Sweet: Available, CA
White: Available, MX
Yellow: Available, CA/MX

Curly: Good supplies, CA
Italian: Good supplies, CA

Sno: Available, CA
Snap: New crop, MX


Bell (Green): Extremely limited availability, MX
Bell (Orange): Moderate supplies, MX. 
Bell (Red): Moderate supplies, MX
Bell (Yellow): Moderate supplies, MX

Jalapenos: Good supplies, MX

Veggie Sweet: Good availability, MX


Charleston Yam: Good supplies, CA

Fingerling Medley: New crop, WA
Garnet Yam: Good supplies, CA

Garnet (Baby): Good availability, CA

Japanese Murasaki: Available, CA
Jewel Beauregard: Available, CA
Red: New crop, CA
New crop, CA
Sweet: Available, CA
Yellow: New crop, CA

Bunch: Moderate supplies, USA
Daikon: Moderate supplies, USA

Rhubarb (Hot House): Moderate supplies, WA

Shallots: Good volume, WA

Acorn (Green): Limited, MX
Butternut: Limited / Gapping out of MX.  Coming Soon - New crop

next week.
Crookneck: Moderate availability, MX

Spaghetti: Available, MX
Zucchini: Good supplies, MX


Beef Steak: Moderate availability, MX

Cherry: Good out of MX

Darkloom: Available, MX

Grape: Good supplies, MX

Heirloom (Baby): Good availability, MX

TOV: Good supplies, MX

Turmeric: Good supply with excellent quality, Peru





Blackberries: Moderate availability, CA

Blueberries: Moderate supplies
Raspberries: Moderate supplies, CA
Strawberries (Harry's Berries): Moderate supplies, CA


EZ Open: Gapping

Young: Available, Thailand

Year-round supplies, several varieties - ask sales rep for details

Dragon Fruit

Yellow: Limited supplies, Ecuador

Figs (Black Mission): Available

Grapefruit:  Good supplies, CA

Kiwi: Good supply, CA

Lemons:  Good supply, CA

Limes: Moderate availability, MX

Mango: Available, MX

Ataulfo: Available, MX


Cantaloupe: Available, MX

Honeydew:  Available, MX

Oranges (Valencia):  Available, CA


Hawaiian: Available, HI

Tai Nung: Available, MX


Abate Fetel: Available, Argentina

Autumn Bartlett: Available, Argentina


Moderate supplies, Costa Rica/MX

Watermelon (Mini Seedless): Available, MX

*Used with permission