​Fresh From the Fields

​Food Service Update






Green: Good supply, CA

Purple: Good supplies, CA


Green: Good supplies

Purple: Good availability, Peru

White: Limited, transitioning from off-shore to CA

Baby Vegetables
Artichokes (Green): Good availability, CA

Beets (Gold/Red): Good supplies

Broccoli (Broccolini): Good supplies year-round, CA
Brussels Sprouts (Green/Purple): Good supplies, CA

Carrots (Assorted): Good supplies, CA

Squash: Very limited availability, MX


Dragon:  Good supplies, MX

Fava: Good supplies, CA
French: Available, MX

Garbanzo: Good availability, MX

Purple Wax: Gapping

Romano: Available now, MX

Yellow Wax: Gapping

Brussels Sprouts
Purple: Good supplies, MX

Cauliflower (Colored): Good supplies, CA

Celery Root: In transition for a few weeks

Baby/Mini: Good availability, MX

Hot House: Good supplies, USA

Pickling: Good availability, MX

Dill (Crown): Coming Soon - July out of USA


Endive (Belgian)

Red: Good year-round availability, Netherlands

Garlic : Available, CA

Black: Available now

Spring: Available, CA


Horseradish Root: Good supplies, OR

Kale Sprouts: Good supplies, USA

Leeks (Belgian Style): Good supplies, USA

Kiwano: Available, NZ


Chef's Mix: Good availability, USA

Shiitake: Available, USA
Wild Chef's Mix: Available now, USA

Okra: Good supplies, CA


Chipolline: Good availability, USA

Maui: New crop, HI

Mexican Green: Good supplies, MX

Sweet (Hatch Valley, Yellow): New crop, NM

Sno (Green): Moderate supplies, MX

Sugar Snaps: Moderate supplies, MX


Cherry Bell: Available, MX

Hatch:  Coming Soon - end of July!!!!!!!!!!!

Shishito (Green): Minor availability from any and all suppliers.   

Veggie Sweets: Good supplies available

Dutch Yellow® (Pee Wee): Available supplies, ID

Garnet Yams: Available

Gemstone®: Good supply year-round, ID
Medley (Pee Wee): Good supplies, ID

Purple: Available, WA

Purple (Creamers): Great supplies, WA


di Verona: Limited supplies, CA

Treviso: Limited availability, CA


Black: Good supplies, CA

Easter Egg: Good availability, CA

Purple Ninja: Good availability, CA
Watermelon Radish:Gapping


Field: Good supplies, WA - through September

Shallots (French Echalion/Banana): Short supplies, Europe/USA. Coming Soon - New crop due to start mid-August


Acorn: Available, USA

Butternut: Available, USA

Eight Ball: Available, MX

Gold Bar: Available, Spain

Zucchini: Good availability, CA

Sunflower Chokes: Good supplies, CA



Baby Heirloom: Good availability, MX

Cabernet: Good availability

Chef Mix: Good availability Canada

Green: Good supplies thru June, CA

Heirloom: Good supplies, MX

Red (On the vine): Good availability!

San Marzano (Mini): Good availability, Canada


Black Summer: Available now to September, Italy

Turmeric: Available year-round

Water Chestnuts (Fresh): Available, China


Apple Pears (Asian): Available, Chile


Ambrosia: Available, Canada

Baby: Available

Fuji: Good availability, CA

Gala: Available, CA/WA

Granny Smith: Good availability, WA/CA

Honeycrisp: Available, WA

Apricots: New crop, from Frog Hollow Farm, CA


Blueberries: Good supplies, CA

Raspberries: Good supplies, CA

Strawberries: Good supplies, CA

Strawberries (Harry's Berries): Good availability, CA

Cherimoya: California done for the season.  Chile due to start the end of the month


Brooks: New crop, CA

Rainer: New crop, CA


EZ Open: Available supplies

Young: Fair availability, Thailand

Year-round supplies, several varieties - ask sales rep for details

Dragon Fruit

Red: Limited availability, Ecuador/Vietnam.

White: Limited availability, Ecuador/Vietnam

Yellow: Limited supplies, Ecuador

Feijoa:  Good supply, NZ for about 3 more weeks


Black Mission: Available, CA

Tiger Stripe: Coming Soon - July 12th through September, CA

Goldenberries (Cape Gooseberries): Good year-round supplies, Colombia


Green: New crop, CA

Red: New crop, CA

Guavas: Good availability, MX

Jackfruit: Good availability, MX

Meyer: New crop, NZ 

Pink: Moderate supply, CA



Key: Good availability, MX

Sweet: Moderate supplies available, CA

Lychee: We are currently in a gap on Lychee out of Mexico.  Our supplier is due to start up again next week.  We will be bringing in fruit out of China to cover the gap out of Mexico.

Mandarinquats: Available, CA


Ataulfo: Available now

Tree Ripened: Good availability, MX

Mangosteen: Available, MX


Canary: New crop, CA

Cantaloupe: Limited, CA

Charentais: Available, Dominican Republic

Crenshaw: New crop, CA

Galia: New crop, CA

Gaya: New crop, MX

Hami: New crop, CA

Honeydew: Available

Honeydew (Orange Flesh): New crop, CA

Kiwano: Good supplies, NZ

Pepino: Good supplies, Ecuador

Santa Claus: New crop, CA


Blood: Moderate availability, CA into early June

Navel: Good  availability, CA

Navel (Heirloom): Available supply, CA

Strawberry: Good supplies, Brazil
Tai Nung: Good supplies, MX

Passion Fruit: Good supplies out of Florida if you can get you customers to take the full range of 18-39ct.  It gets more limited when you narrow down the sizes.  California due to start in August.


Yellow: New crop, CA


Bartlett: Good availability, USA
Bosc: Good supplies, CA

D'Anjou: Good availability, USA
Forelle: Good supplies, Chile

Persimmons (Fuyu): Available, Chile


*Pinkglow™: Good availability, Costa Rico

*Pinkglow™ Petite: Good availability, Costa Rico


Black: New crop, CA

Red: New crop, CA

Arils: Good supplies, Chile

Red: Good supplies, Chile

Quince: Moderate supplies, Chile

Rambutan: Fruit out of Guatemala just getting started.  Good supplies available. 

Starfruit: Coming Soon - New crop, FL due to start in July.  Taiwan due to start in August

Tamarillo (Red): We just started receiving fruit out of New Zealand after a small gap.  Hopefully volume will pick up in the next couple of weeks.


Ojai Pixie: Season winding down - Ojai, CA


Midnight: Available, CA

Orange: Available

Red: Available year-round

Red (Mini): Available, MX

Yellow: Available, CA

Yellow (Mini): Available now

*Used with permission



Banana Leaves: Good supplies, MX



Green: Fair availability, MX

Bitter Melon:
Chinese: Very moderate supplies from MX. Bitter melon soon to be CA availability only but with the hot temperatures quality will be a daily factor.
Indian: Very limited availability, MX

Bok Choy : Limited availability, CA
Baby: Limited supplies, CA
Petite: Moderate availability, CA

Shanghai: Moderate availability, CA

Shanghai Leaves: Moderate supply, CA

Shanghai (Petite): Moderate supplies, CA



Baby (Broccolini): Good availability, CA

Napa (Green): Limited, CA


Celery Cabbage: Moderate supplies

Cherimoya: Good supplies, Chile/CA

Chinese Celery (Khan Choy): Moderate availability

Chinese Okra (Sing Qua): Moderate supply, MX

Choy Sum: Moderate supplies, CA
Petite: Moderate supplies, CA


EZ Open: Good supplies, Thailand

Young: Moderate availability, Thailand

Year-round supplies, several varieties - ask sales rep for details


Japanese: Limited supplies, CA

Persian (Baby): Good supplies, MX

Dragon Fruit

Red: Available supplies, Ecuador/Vietnam

White: Limited, Ecuador/Vietnam - Better supplies starting next week

Yellow: Better supplies next week, Ecuador

Chinese: Good supplies, MX

Graffiti (Mini): Available, Netherlands until October
Indian: Good availability, MX
Italian: Moderate availability, MX
Japanese: Mexico has minor availability again, expect only a few weeks from this area then transition to CA product.
Thai: Moderate availability, MX

White: New crop available through November, Netherlands

Gai Choy (Chinese Mustard): Moderate supplies, CA

Gai Lan: Moderate availability , CA

Galanga: Moderate availability, HI

Ginger Root

Year-round supplies, sourced globally - ask sales rep for details
Young: Good supplies, CA

Gobo Root (aka Burdock Root): Taiwan product

Jackfruit: Good supplies, MX

Kohlrabi: Good availability, CA

Komatsuna (Japanese Spinach): Limited, CA with mostly year-round availability. Very perishable.

Lemon Grass: Moderate availability, CA

Lo Bok: Moderate availability, CA/MX

Long Beans (Chinese): Moderate supplies, MX next 2 weeks.  CA season from Fresno will not start for another 4 weeks.

Lotus Root (aka Lilly Root): Fresh and Packaged is available, China

Lychee: We are currently in a gap on Lychee out of Mexico.  Our supplier is due to start up again next week.  We will be bringing in fruit out of China to cover the gap out of Mexico.


Green: Limited


Korean: Moderate new crop, MX
Winter: Available, MX

Nira Grass (Green): Very limited supplies, CA

Green: Moderate availability, MX
Tai Nung: Available supplies, MX

Pea Shoot Tendrils: Limited supplies, MX

Sno (Green): Moderate supplies, CA
Sugar Snaps: Moderate availability, CA


Korean: Very limited supply, MX

Long Hots: Limited availability, Holland

Shishito (Green): Peppers available from both MX and CA. Although available from two regions the volumes are only moderate
Thai (Green/Red): Moderate supplies, MX/Dominican Republic

Japanese Sweets: Available, USA
Okinawa Sweets: Moderate supplies, HI

Daikon: Moderate availability, CA

Sea Beans

Salcornia: Available supplies, MX

Shiso Leaves (Ooba): Available supplies

Moqua (Fuzzy Squash):  Moderate supplies, MX

Opo: Seasonal transition....Mexico with a week or two left of minor availability and CA just starting to offer.

Turmeric Root: Moderate supplies, Fiji

Water Chestnuts: Sporadic availability, China

Yamo Imo: Fair to good supplies, Japan

Yu Choy: Moderate availability, CA

Yu Choy Sum: Moderate supplies, CA



Banana Leaves: Good supplies, MX

Burro: Available year-round
Manzano: Available year-round

Cactus Leaves (Cleaned): Good supplies, MX

Cactus Pears: Available,  MX

Canela: Good supplies, Sri Lanka

Cilantro: Good supplies, CA


EZ Open: Good supplies, Thailand

Young: Good availability, Thailand

Year-round supplies, several varieties - ask sales rep for details

Corn Husks: Not the same ol', same ol'.  These are the perfect size and extremely clean

Dragon Fruit

Red: Available, Vietnam.  First ETA out of Nicaragua is 6/25.

White: Limited, Ecuador/Vietnam - Better supplies starting next week

Yellow: Better supplies next week, Ecuador

Feijoas: Good supplies, NZ. Season ending soon.  California usually gets started in October.


Guavas: Good supplies, MX

Hoja Santa Leaves: Available


Jackfruit: Moderate availability, MX

Jicama: Good supplies, MX

Key:  Good supplies
Sweet: Available, CA


Ataulfo: Available, MX

Tree Ripened: Good availability, MX


Pepino: Good year-round supply, Ecuador


Name Root: Limited

Caribbean Red: Good supplies!
Maradol: Limited supplies, MX

Strawberry: Moderate availability, Brazil
Tai Nung: Good supplies, MX


Passion Fruit:   The peak is over in NEW ZEALAND and volume is starting to drop off. FL due to start in July. The CA crop is due to start in August.


Anaheim: Good supplies, MX

Banana Wax: Moderate supplies, MX

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost): Moderate supplies

Carolina Reaper: Moderate supplies

Habanero: Good supplies, MX

Hungarian Wax: Moderate supplies, MX

Jalapenos: Moderate availability, MX

Pasilla/Poblano: Good supplies, MX

Red Fresno: Moderate availability, MX

Scorpion: Moderate supplies

Serrano: Good supplies, MX

Super Hot Mix: Moderate supplies

Yellow: Good supplies, MX

Quince: Moderate availability, Chile

Chayote: Good supplies, MX
Tatuma: Good supplies, MX

Sugar Cane: Available year-round from MX


Swizzle Stix: Available now for fruit kabobs or drinks!

Tamarindo: Available year-round from Thailand

Tomatillos: Moderate supplies, MX

Milpero: Good supplies, MX





Artichokes: Good supplies, USA



Haas: Fair availability, CA/MX


Green: Excellent supplies, MX

Gold: Good supplies, MX
Red: Good supplies, MX

Bok Choy: Good supplies, CA
Baby: Moderate supplies, CA

Broccoli: Good supplies, CA


Brussels Sprouts

Green: Good supplies, MX

Green: Good supplies, CA
Napa: Moderate availability, CA
Red: Good supplies, CA

Baby Peeled: Excellent supplies, CA
Bunch: Good supplies, CA
Cello: Good supplies, CA
Table: Good supplies, CA

Cauliflower: Moderate supplies, CA


Hearts: Good availability, USA

Stalks: Good availability, USA

Green: Good supplies, CA
Rainbow: Good supplies, USA
Red: Good supplies, CA

Cilantro: Good supplies, CA

Cucumbers: Good availability, MX

Baby Persian: Good supplies, MX

Garlic: Fair availability, CA

Ginger Root: Limited supplies, Peru

Collard: Moderate supplies, USA
Mustard: Moderate supplies, CA

Kale: Good supplies, CA
Lacinato: Good supplies, USA
Red: Good supplies, USA

Leeks: Good supplies, CA

Butter (Green/Red): Good supplies, USA
Green Leaf: Good supplies, USA
Iceberg: Good availability, USA
Red Leaf: Good supplies, USA
Romaine: Good supplies, USA
Romaine Hearts: Good supplies, USA

Red: Available, CA
White: Available, CA
Yellow: Available, CA (Great supply)

Curly: Good supplies, CA
Italian: Good supplies, CA

Sno: Gapping
Snap: New crop, CA just starting

Bell (Green): Moderate supplies, MX/CA
Bell (Orange): Limited supplies, MX. 
Bell (Red): Moderate supplies, MX
Bell (Yellow): Moderate to fair supplies, MX


Charleston Yam: Available
Garnet Yam: Fair availability, CA

Japanese Murasaki: Gapping
Jewel Beauregard: Fair supplies, CA
Red: New crop, CA
Russet: New crop, CA

Sweet: Gapping
Yellow: New crop, CA

Bunch: Good supplies, CA
Daikon: Moderate supplies, USA



Good year-round availability, Holland

Acorn (Green): Available, MX
Butternut: Available, MX
Crookneck: Excellent supplies, MX

Kabocha: Available, MX
Spaghetti: Available, MX
Zucchini: Excellent supplies, MX


Beef Steak: Moderate availability, MX

Cherry: Cherry supplies, MX

Darkloom: Gapping - New crop starts in June

Grape: Fair supplies, MX

Heirloom (Baby): Limited availability, MX

TOV: Good supplies, MX




Apricots: Available, CA


Ambrosia: Season winding down, Canada

Fuji: Available, WA - Imports due in June

Gala: Coming Soon - Imports due in June

Blackberries: Moderate supplies, CA

Blueberries: Moderate supplies
Raspberries: Moderate supplies, CA
Strawberries: Moderate supplies, CA

Strawberries (Harry's Berries): Moderate supplies, CA



EZ Open: Good supplies!

Young: Moderate availability, Thailand

Year-round supplies, several varieties - ask sales rep for details


Dragon Fruit

Yellow: Available, Ecuador.  Coming Soon -  MX in June

Grapefruit: Available, CA


Black (Seedless): New crop, MX

Green (Seedless): New crop, MX

Red (Seedless): New crop, MX

Strawberries (Harry's Berries); Good availability, CA

Kiwi: Coming Soon - Chile in July

Lemons: Limited, CA. Coming Soon - MX in July

Limes: Fair availability, MX

Mangoes: Moderate supply, MX

Ataulfo (Honey): Moderate supply out of MX


Cantaloupe: Available, CA

Galia: New crop, CA

Hami: New crop, CA

Honeydew: New crop, CA


White: New crop, CA (Masumoto Farms)

Yellow: New crop, CA (Masumoto Farms)


Valencia: Coming Soon -  CA in June


Saturn (Donut, White): New crop, CA

White: New crop, CA (Masumoto Farms)

Yellow: New crop, CA (Masumoto Farms)


Bosc: Available, Argentina


Moderate supplies, Costa Rica/MX

Plumcots/Pluots: New limited crop, CA


Black: Limited new crop, CA

Red: New limited crop, CA


Mini Seedless: New crop, CA

*Used with permission