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Berries (Strawberry, Oishii - Koyo)

Imagine a strawberry that bursts with flavor, a taste so perfect it transcends the ordinary. Oishii delivers this dream with the Koyo Berry, whose lineage has roots just outside of Tokyo, home to some of the best ingredients in the world. This aptly named berry ("Koyo" means "elated" in Japanese) lives up to its name with its slightly firm texture, bright aroma and refreshing sweetness.

Berries (Strawberry, Oishii - Koyo)


    Oishii’s innovative US-based vertical farms replicate Japan’s ideal climate, resulting in perfectly ripe strawberries with unmatched taste— free from pesticides and GMOs. Perfect for savoring or sharing, Oishii is a true food-lover’s dream, now available in limited supplies through Melissa’s.


    Year-round, limited



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