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Dragon Fruit (Yellow)

Grown from a cactus, Dragon Fruit is one of the exotic produce items that Americans have come to know and love over recent years. Yellow Dragon Fruit is considered the sweetest of all the varieties. Each bite releases a rush of sugary, floral juice, with no acidic aftertaste. The fruit is soft and contains large, crunchy edible seeds, similar to a kiwi.

Dragon Fruit (Yellow)


    To enjoy, cut the fruit in half, lengthwise. You can either peel off the inedible yellow skin and cut the fruit into slices, or you can simply spoon the fruit right out of the peel, as you might eat a melon. Dragon Fruit can be added to smoothies and smoothie bowls, made into sorbet or granita, or used for sauces.


    Jan-Dec, sporadic


    Ecuador, Israel

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