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Hatch Pecans (Red & Green)

Pecans are a healthy, nutrient-dense nut. You can also add to dishes like fresh salads to bulk up nutrition in your recipes. Did you know that pecans have the highest fat (the good kind) content of any nut?  Hatch Pecans taste great as a snack, topping for salads, or you can crush them up to make a pecan meal and use to dredge fish or chicken – yum!

Hatch Pecans (Red & Green)


    Melissa's Hatch Pecans are tasty, savory nuts that are covered in red or green Hatch Pepper Powder. Authentic New Mexico flavor provides a nice kick of spice to your snack game. The buttery and nutty flavor of the pecan mixed with the Hatch Pepper Powder creates the perfect pick-me-up flavor combination you'll love any time of year.





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