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Squash (Gold Bar aka Yellow Zucchini)

Gold Bar Squash is a cross between zucchini and crookneck. This variety is a bit milder and sweeter than zucchini but slightly firmer than crookneck when cooked. Best pairings include; asparagus, grain, mushroom, lemon, cheese, garlic and fish sauce. Surprise pairings include; peanut, parsnip and cabbage.

Squash (Gold Bar aka Yellow Zucchini)


    Eaten raw or cooked, there are so many nutritious ways to enjoy vibrant, Gold Bar Squash. Spiralize or peel into ribbons to use as a pasta replacement or grill with fresh herbs as a healthy Mediterranean side during summer. This squash is very consistent in size which makes it great when uniform slices are needed. Use anywhere you would zucchini.





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